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Owner's Manual

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Description of PHILIPS AZ1500/19 Owner's Manual

Complete owner's manual in digital format. The manual will be available for download as PDF file after You purchase it.

Owner's Manual ( sometimes referred to as User's Guide or User's Manual ) contains information on how to use Your device. After placing order we'll send You download instructions on Your email address.

The manual is available in languages: English, Portuguese, Polish

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Text excerpt from page 8 (click to view)
Autostore Autostore automatically starts programming radio stations from preset 1. Available stations are programmed in order of waveband reception strength: FM, followed by MW (AM). Any previous presets e.g. manually programmed will be erased. • Press PROGRAM for 4 seconds or more to activate autostore programming. ™ The display shows AUtO, PROG blinks, followed by the radio station details when stored. After all stations are stored, the first preset station will then automatically play. To listen to a preset station • Direct Easy Access: use the digit panel on the set to key in a number, 1-40, to select a preset station. • Remote control (AZ1505 models only): optionally, + press PRESET ,- to select your preset station. Changing tuning grid (some versions only) In North and South America the frequency step between adjacent channels in the MW (AM) and FM band are 10 KHz and 100 KHz respectively. In the rest of the world this step is 9 KHz and 50 KHz. Usually the frequency step has been preset in the factory for your area. 1. Check that the set is completely switched off. 2. To select 9KHz : Simultaneously, press BAND and SEARCH ∞ on the set. 3. Switch the set on to RADIO and then release the controls. • To select 10KHz : Repeat steps 1-3 but in step 2, simultaneously, press BAND and SEARCH § on the set. ™ When you tune to radio stations, the display shows tuning in either steps of 9 or 10 KHz. ™ All preset stations will be affected and you may need to reprogramme stations.

CD PLAYER Playing a CD This CD player plays Audio Discs including CDRecordables and CD-Rewritables. 1. Adjust the POWER slider to CD. 2. Insert a CD with the printed side facing up and close the door. ™ noCd if no CD inserted/ CD dirty, incorrectly inserted or damaged. ™ nFCd if you have inserted a non-finalized CDR(W). 3. Press 2; to start playback. ™ dAtA if your CD contains non-audio i.e. data files. 4. To pause playback press 2;. Press 2; again to resume play. ™ Display: 2 flashes during pause. 5. To stop CD playback, press the 9 button. Note : CD play will also stop when: - the CD-tape door is opened - the CD has reached the end - you select TAPE or RADIO function. Selecting a different track There are 2 ways: Direct Easy Access • Key in the number of the track using the digit panel on the set. SEARCH ∞ or § • Press SEARCH ∞ or § once or repeatedly to select your track. Finding a passage within a track 1. Press and hold SEARCH ∞ or §. – The CD is played at high speed and low volume. 2. When you recognize the passage you want, release ∞ or § to resume normal playback. Note : During a CD program or if SHUFFLE/ REPEAT active, searching is only possible within a track. Different play modes: SHUFFLE and REPEAT You can select and change the various play modes before or during playback, and combine the modes with PROGRAM. (See 5) SHUFFLE - tracks of the entire CD/ program are

played in random order SHUFFLE REPEAT ALL - to repeat the entire CD/ program continuously in random order REPEAT ALL - repeats the entire CD/ program REPEAT - plays the current track continuously 1. To select play mode, press MODE once or more. 2. Press 2; to start playback if in the stop position. 3. To select normal playback, press MODE repeatedly until the various modes are no longer displayed. – You can also press the 9 button to cancel your play mode. Programming track numbers In the stop position, select and store your CD tracks in the desired sequence. Up to 20 tracks can be stored in the memory. 1. Press SEARCH ∞ or § on the set to select your desired track number. 2. Press PROGRAM. ™ Display: PROG, Pr and your selected track number. (See 6) ™ If you attempt to program without first selecting a track number, noSE is shown. 3. Repeat steps 1-2 to select and store all desired tracks. ™ Display: FULL if you try to program more than 20 tracks. Reviewing the program In the stop position, press and hold PROGRAM until the display shows all your stored track numbers in sequence. Erasing a program You can erase the program by: • pressing 9 twice ™ CLr is displayed briefly and PROG disappears. • You select TAPE or RADIO function. CASSETTE RECORDER Cassette playback 1. Adjust the POWER slider to TAPE. 2. Insert a cassette as shown and close the door.

3. Press 2 to start playback. ™ Display: shows tAPE throughout tape operation. 4. To pause playback press PAUSE ;. Press again to resume. 5. Press SEARCH 5 or 6 to fast wind the tape. 6. To stop the tape, press STOP 9. The keys are automatically released at the end of a tape and the set switched off, except if PAUSE ; has been activated. General information on recording • Recording is permissible insofar as copyright or. other rights of third parties are not infringed. • For recording, use only NORMAL type cassettes (IEC type I) on which the tabs have not yet been broken. This deck is not suited for recording on CHROME (IEC II) or METAL (IEC IV) type cassettes. • The best recording level is set automatically. Altering the VOLUME or DBB controls will not affect the recording. • To protect a tape from accidental erasure, break out the tabs. If you wish to record again, cover the tabs with a piece of adhesive tape. CD Synchro Start Recording 1. Adjust the POWER slider to CD. 2. Insert a CD and if desired, program track numbers. 3. Insert a suitable tape into the cassette deck and close the door. 4. Press RECORD 0 to start recording. – Playing of the CD program starts automatically from the beginning of the program. You don't need to start the CD player separately. ™ To select and record a particular passage within a CD track: • Press SEARCH ∞ or §. Release the control when you recognize the passage you want. • To pause CD playback, press 2;. • Recording starts from this exact point in the track when you press RECORD 0. 5. To pause recording, press PAUSE ;. Press PAUSE ; again to resume recording. 6. To stop recording, press STOP 9.

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