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Owner's Manual

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Description of SHARP EL6053S Owner's Manual

Complete owner's manual in digital format. The manual will be available for download as PDF file after You purchase it.

Owner's Manual ( sometimes referred to as User's Guide or User's Manual ) contains information on how to use Your device. After placing order we'll send You download instructions on Your email address.

The manual is available in languages: English

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Text excerpt from page 1 (click to view)
3. Using World clock

6. Setting alarms


• SHARP strongly recommends that separate permanent written records be kept of all important data. Data may be lost or altered in virtually any electronic memory product under certain circumstances. Therefore, SHARP assumes no responsibility for data lost or otherwise rendered unusable whether as a result of improper use, repairs, defects, battery replacement, use after the specified battery life has expired, or any other cause.
In Europe: This equipment complies with the requirements of Directive 89/336/EEC as amended by 93/68/EEC. Dieses Gerät entspricht den Anforderungen der EGRichtlinie 89/336/EWG mit Änderung 93/68/EWG. Ce matériel répond aux exigences contenues dans la directive 89/336/CEE modifiée par la directive 93/68/ CEE. Dit apparaat voldoet aan de eisen van de richtlijn 89/336/ EEG, gewijzigd door 93/68/EEG. Dette udstyr overholder kravene i direktiv nr. 89/336/EEC med tillæg nr. 93/68/EEC. Quest’ apparecchio è conforme ai requisiti della direttiva 89/336/EEC come emendata dalla direttiva 93/68/EEC.

• SHARP assumes no responsibility, directly or indirectly, for financial losses or claims from third persons resulting from the use of this product and any of its functions, such as stolen credit card numbers, loss or alteration of stored data, etc. • The information provided in this manual is subject to change without notice.

Η εγκατάσταση αυτή ανταποκρίνεται στις απαιτήσεις των οδηγιών της Ευρωπαïκής Ενωσης 89/336/ΕΟΚ, πως ο κανονισµ ς αυτ ς συµπληρώθηκε απ την οδηγία 93/68/ΕΟΚ. Este equipamento obedece às exigências da directiva 89/ 336/CEE na sua versão corrigida pela directiva 93/68/ CEE. Este aparato satisface las exigencias de la Directiva 89/ 336/CEE modificada por medio de la 93/68/CEE. Denna utrustning uppfyller kraven enligt riktlinjen 89/336/ EEC så som kompletteras av 93/68/EEC. Dette produktet oppfyller betingelsene i direktivet 89/336/ EEC i endringen 93/68/EEC. Tämä laite täyttää direktiivin 89/336/EEC vaatimukset, jota on muutettu direktiivillä 93/68/EEC.

The Organizer has 3 kinds of alarm: 1. Daily alarm ........ beeps every day at the alarm time (for 1 minute), when “ ” is turned on. 2. Hourly alarm ...... beeps every hour when 4. Changing the cities between Home minutes reach “00”, when and World clocks “ ” is turned on. 3. Schedule alarm .. beeps at the time for all the You can change the home city for a city in another schedule entries (for 1 time zone without adjusting the stored correct minute), when “ ” is time. turned on. (Refer to 1. Press CLOCK once or twice to display World “Schedule Mode”.) clock (without “ ”). Press any key to stop the alarm beeping. 2. Press PREV or NEXT and select the desired city to be set as the new home city. Setting/Changing the daily alarm time 3. Press SHIFT SET to change the cities 1. Press CLOCK once or twice to display Home clock (with “ ”). between Home and World clocks. • The previous home city is now set as the 2. Press ALARM to ALARM display the daily world city (without “ ”). 4. Press CLOCK to check the home city. alarm screen. A12–00 (The display differs • The selected city in step 2 is set as the home city (with “ ”). between the 12-hour and 24-hour clock.) 3. Press SHIFT SET . 5. Press CLOCK to recheck the world city, and press PREV or NEXT to select the new 4. Enter the time. 5. Press ENTER . world city, if needed. • The daily alarm time is set.

1. Press CLOCK once or twice to display World clock (without “ ”). 2. Press PREV or NEXT to select the desired city.

5. Setting daylight saving time (DST: summer time)
1. Press CLOCK once or twice to display Home or World clock. 2. Press DST . “#” is displayed. The time is set 1 hour ahead.

Turning the alarms on and off An alarm sounds only when the respective symbol ( , , or ) is turned on. Display Home clock (press CLOCK once or twice) and press ALARM to display the daily alarm screen. Each time you press

Note • This model may not be available in some countries.

ALARM while the daily alarm To clear DST, press DST to clear “#”. The time screen is displayed, the combination of symbols is set 1 hour behind. switches. Notes • DST can be set independently in either Home or Note • Alarms sound even when the Organizer is World clock. turned off. • When DST is set for one world city, it is used for all cities displayed in World clock.

Part Names

Telephone Mode
Telephone mode is composed of two directions of 5. Enter the phone NUMBER? storage memory. Pressing TEL toggles between number, and then 2–3456–7890 “1” and “2” on the display. the fax number if 3456–7891 _ Use these files for convenience, e.g. business needed, e.g. and private files. 012-3456-7890 A telephone entry consists of name, address, F SPACE SPACE SPACE 3456-7891, and E-mail address, and number fields. press ENTER . • “STORED!” appears briefly, then the Telephone Storing telephone entries mode screen is displayed. The telephone entry 1. Press TEL once or twice to display the


is now stored.
Field The 1st line: Name, address, E-mail address The 2nd and the 3rd lines: Phone number Number of characters Allowable characters

q Power ON/OFF key w Cursor keys e Search keys r RESET switch t Mode keys The following notations are used for key operations. ➝ CM : Clear memory (in Calculator mode) ➝ U : Letter “U” ➝ SHIFT : Turn the touch tone on and off ➝ V : Letter “V”

• Purple colored functions are operated by pressing SHIFT (“SHIFT” is turned on) and the appropriate keys. • In this manual, only the display symbols necessary for explanation of this product are shown.

Telephone mode screen. 2. Enter the name, e.g. SMITH SPACE ROBERT, and press ENTER . 3. Enter the address, e.g. 18 SPACE EAST SPACE ROAD, and press ENTER . 4. Enter the E-mail harpsec.com_ address, e.g. SROB SMBL (to enter “ @ ”) SHARPSEC.COM, and press ENTER . • The E-mail address is automatically entered in small letters.

36 characters Alphabetic letters, or under numbers, symbols, “+ – × ÷ .”, space Numbers, space, –, F (Fax), P (Pager)

Notes • The symbol “NAME”, “ADDRESS”, or “E-mail” is turned on while entering in each field. • To skip entry of an address, E-mail address, or number, press ENTER when “ADDRESS?”, “EMAIL?”, or “NUMBER?” is displayed. However, entering a person’s name cannot be skipped.

Using the Organizer for the First Time
Be sure to perform the following operations before using the Organizer for the first time. 1. Remove the isolating film that is affixed to the battery holder on the back of the unit. 2. Press the RESET switch with a ball-point pen or similar object. “RESET?” is displayed. 3. Press SHIFT ENTER to initialize the Organizer. After “RESET!” is displayed, Home clock is displayed. (See “Clock Mode”.) You have deleted all the memory contents now.

Schedule Mode
Schedule mode is used for storing schedule details (36 characters or under), date and time (year, month, day, hour, and minute). In the 1st line the same characters are allowable as in Telephone mode. 4. Press ENTER to store in the memory. Notes • Schedules for the following dates can be stored: January 1901 to December 2098. • If an attempt is made to store an entry without a date or time, or with an invalid date or time, “ERROR!” appears briefly. Enter the correct date and time and press ENTER .

NOTES • If the Organizer is subjected to strong, extraneous electrical noises or shocks during use, an abnormal condition may occur in which OFF no keys (including ON ) will respond. Press the RESET switch and press SHIFT ENTER to delete all the memory contents. • To minimize battery consumption, the Organizer is designed to automatically turn off when no key has been pressed for approximately 7 minutes. • The key touch tone is turned on and off by pressing SHIFT . When the tone is turned on, “ ” is turned on.

1. Storing schedule entries
1. Press SCHEDULE to display the Schedule mode screen.


2. Alarm for Schedule mode
When the schedule alarm (“ ”) is turned on, it is set for all the schedule entries. Beeping sounds for 1 minute when the time for a schedule entry is reached. Press any key to stop the alarm. The schedule alarm cannot be set for an individual entry.

Changing the Guidance Language
Guidance messages can be displayed in 7 To change the language, press SHIFT LANGUAGE languages – English, Dutch, Portuguese, Italian, followed by PREV or NEXT to select the German, French, and Spanish. After initializing the desired language, then press ENTER . Organizer, the default setting is English.

2. Enter the details and press ENTER . 3. Enter the date and time. • The types of date and time are the same as the types set for the clock. • To enter a single-digit date or time, enter “0” and the digit (e.g. “O2”).

Memo Mode
Notes or other pieces of information that are not appropriate for Telephone or Schedule mode can be entered for convenience. In the 1st line the same characters are allowable as in Telephone mode. In the 2nd and the 3rd lines you can enter numbers, –, and space. (36 characters or under can be entered in each line.) 2. Enter the memo item and numbers.

Entering Characters
• Alphanumeric letters, symbols, and “+ – × ÷ .” Making corrections can be entered into the dot display area (the 1st Move the cursor to the character to be corrected. line). Enter the correct character to replace the previous • Numbers and some characters (only space, –, and F and P in Telephone mode) can be entered one. into the number display area (the 2nd and the 3rd lines). • Basically letters are entered in capital letters (“CAPS” is turned on). To enter small letters, press CAPS to turn “CAPS” off. Entering symbols and letters with an accent mark • To enter a symbol, press SMBL repeatedly until the desired symbol appears: @#$£¥ ( )~’: / \_&<>ß!? ¡¿ Cursor The cursor (_) indicates the position for entering a character. Move the cursor with the cursor keys ( ). Inserting characters Each time INS is pressed, a space is inserted at the cursor position to allow you to enter a character. Deleting characters Press DEL to delete the character at the cursor position. Press C•CE to clear all the characters that you have entered and not stored yet.

E.g. UNION SPACE BANK ENTER 01 272-0011223 3. Press ENTER to store in the memory.

UNION BANK 01 272–0011223 _

Storing memo entries
1. Press MEMO to display the Memo mode screen.


Notes for storing and recalling entries
• When the memory is full, “MEMORY FULL!” appears briefly, and the entry cannot be stored. • When the symbol “ ” or “ ” is turned on, more information exists. Press or to switch the display. Checking details of entries in Telephone mode • To display each field on the 1st line, follow the symbol “ ” or “ ” and press or . (The symbol above the 1st line shows each field.) • Pressing E-MAIL displays the E-mail address on the 1st line directly. • Press and hold to start the auto scroll on the 1st line. Press again to stop or restart the scroll. Press

• To enter a letter with an accent mark, press SHIFT SHIFT to turn “SHIFT LOCK” on, and press the appropriate key repeatedly. (Refer to the “QUICK REFERENCE GUIDE” inside the cover.) • To turn “SHIFT LOCK” off, press SHIFT again.

to quit the auto scroll.

Clock Mode
Home clock Home city (with “ ”) Day of the week 3. Press PREV or NEXT to select the desired time zone. (Refer to the list of cities described below.) • Enter the city name, if needed (6 characters or under). Only one changed name for Home clock can be stored. 4. Press to move the cursor to the year. 5. Enter the year (4 digits), the month, and the day (2 digits each). • The built-in calendar extends from January 1st, 1901, to December 31st, 2098. 6. Press AM/PM to select “A” (morning) or “P” (afternoon) for the 12-hour clock. 7. Enter the time (hours and minutes). Note: P12-00: noon, A12-00: midnight 8. Press ENTER . The clock starts from “00” seconds. Notes • To enter a single-digit date or time, enter “0” and the digit (e.g. “02”). • If you enter an invalid date or time, “ERROR!” appears briefly. Enter the correct date and time and press

Recalling entries – Telephone, Schedule, Memo –
First press the desired mode key. NEXT : Recalls entries in forward order PREV : Recalls entries in reverse order Sequential search Press NEXT or Direct search • Enter the first characters (8 characters or under) of the person’s name, schedule details, or memo item, and press NEXT or PREV . Then press NEXT or PREV to continue performing a direct search. • Schedule entries are stored by date and time.

Sorting order • Telephone and memo entries are stored by the first character of the person’s name or memo item in the following order (case sensitive):

Date Time

LON TUE 2002– 1– 1 A12–00–00

in each mode.

Each time you press CLOCK , the clock switches between Home and World clocks. (For World clock, “ ” is not displayed.)

Note • When there is no (further or relevant) entry to
be recalled, “NOT FOUND!” appears briefly, and the display returns to the mode screen.

1. Before setting the clock
• The default setting for the date is “YYYY/MM/ DD” (year-month-day). To change the setting to “MM/DD/YYYY” (month-day-year) or “DD/MM/ YYYY” (day-month-year): 1. Press CLOCK once or twice to display Home clock (with “ ”). 2. Press SHIFT DATE TYPE . 3. Press PREV or NEXT to select the desired type. 4. Press ENTER to store the new setting. • To change the 12-hour clock to the 24-hour clock, press 12 24 (“A” or “P” is cleared). Each time you press 12 24 , the clock switches. • In the period of daylight saving time/summer time, press DST in advance (“#” is displayed).

Editing or deleting entries – Telephone, Schedule, Memo –
Editing 1. Recall the entry to be edited. 2. Press EDIT . The cursor starts to flash. • In Telephone mode press ENTER several times to display each field (the address field and so on). 3. Press , , , or to move the cursor to the position to be edited. 4. Enter, insert, or delete characters (refer to “Entering Characters”). • To cancel editing, press C•CE . 5. Press ENTER several times (until “STORED!” appears briefly) to finish editing and to store the entry. Deleting 1. Recall the entry to be deleted. 2. Press DEL . • “DELETE?” is displayed. • To cancel the deletion operation, press C•CE . 3. Press



to delete the entry.

2. Setting the clock
1. Press CLOCK once or twice to display Home clock (with “ ”). 2. Press SHIFT SET to start setting. The cursor starts to flash on the city name.



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