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Owner's Manual

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Description of AIWA XP-SP30 Owner's Manual

Complete owner's manual in digital format. The manual will be available for download as PDF file after You purchase it.

Owner's Manual ( sometimes referred to as User's Guide or User's Manual ) contains information on how to use Your device. After placing order we'll send You download instructions on Your email address.

The manual is available in languages: English

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Text excerpt from page 2 (click to view)
To remove the CD
Remove the CD while pressing the pivot.

On headphones

Road safety

Do not use headphones while driving, cycling, or operating any motorized vehicle. It may create a traffic hazard and is illegal in some areas. It can also be potentially dangerous to play your headsets at high volume while walking, especially at pedestrian crossings. You should exercise extreme caution or discontinue use in potentially hazardous situations.

On safety
• Should any solid objects or liquid fall into the CD player, unplug it and have it checked by qualified personnel before operating it any further. • Do not put any foreign objects in the DC IN 4.5 V (external power input) jack.

Compact disc digital audio system

Laser diode properties
Material: GaAlAs Wavelength: λ = 780 nm Emission duration: Continuous Laser output: Less than 44.6 µW (This output is the value measured at a distance of 200 mm from the objective lens surface on the optical pick-up block with 7 mm aperture.)

On power sources
When you are not using the CD player for a long time, disconnect all power sources from the CD player.

Preventing hearing damage
Avoid using headphones at high volume. Hearing experts advise against continuous, loud and extended play. If you experience a ringing in your ears, reduce volume or discontinue use.

Power requirements
For the area code of the model you purchased, check the upper left side of the bar code on the package. • Two LR6 (size AA) batteries: 1.5 V DC × 2 • AC power adaptor (DC IN 4.5 V jack): U, U2, CA, CA2, E92, MX2, TW2 and CA2/C models: 120 V, 60 Hz CED, CED/4, CE7, CE7/C, EE, EE1, E, E13 and E13/2 models: 220 - 230 V, 50/60 Hz CEK model: 230 V, 50 Hz AU2 model: 240 V, 50 Hz EU8, EU8/C, JE.W, E18, KR4 and EE8 models: 100 - 240 V, 50/60 Hz HK4 model: 230 V, 50 Hz CNA model: 220 V, 50 Hz • Two Ni-MH rechargeable batteries (size AA): 1.2 V DC × 2

On AC power adaptor To turn off the operation beep sound
You can turn off the beep sound that is heard through the headphones when you operate the CD player. • Use only the supplied AC power adaptor. If your CD player is not supplied with the one, use the optional AC-E45HG AC power adaptor. Do not use any other AC power adaptor. It may cause a malfunction.

Consideration for others
Keep the volume at a moderate level. This will allow you to hear outside sounds and to be considerate to the people around you.

1 Remove the power source (AC power adaptor, 2 Connect the power source while pressing

rechargeable batteries or dry batteries) from the CD player.

Polarity of the plug

Do not immerse in water
This product is not meant to be immersed in water or come in continuous contact with water.

To turn on the beep sound
Remove the power source and then connect the power source without pressing s/CHARGE.

• Do not touch the AC power adaptor with wet hands. • Connect the AC power adaptor to an easily accessible AC outlet. Should you notice an abnormality in the AC power adaptor, disconnect it from the AC outlet immediately.

• Before turning the OPEN/LOCK knob to open the lid, be sure to wipe off water, dust or sand on the exterior of the CD player. Open and close the lid where water or sand cannot fall in the CD player, and make sure that your hands are dry. If water or sand falls in the CD player, trouble may occur. • When closing the lid, check that there is no dust or sand on the rubber packing around the lid. Then close the lid firmly and lock it by turning the OPEN/LOCK knob. • If the CD player is splashed with salt water, wipe clean with a damp cloth, then dry with a soft dry cloth. Do not wash under running water; do not use soap or detergent; or do not dry with an electric hair dryer. • The supplied headphones are not meant to be immersed in water or come in continuous contact with water. If they are accidentally dropped into water or get wet, dry them with a soft cloth. Never use an electric hair dryer. • The supplied or optional AC power adaptor is not water resistant. To prevent shock hazard, avoid using the CD player near water during AC operation. • Cover the DC IN 4.5 V jack and \ jack with the attached the inside of when nothingcontaminated to these jacks. If rubber caps the jacks are is connected with water or sand, rust may develop and cause trouble.

Dimensions (w/h/d) (without projecting parts and controls)
Approx. 133 × 34 × 151 mm (5 /4 × 1 /8 × 6 in.)
1 3

Playing tracks in your favorite order (PGM play)
You can program the CD player to play up to 24 tracks in your favorite order. 1 During playback, press PLAY MODE/ repeatedly so that “PGM” starts flashing in the display.

On rechargeable batteries and dry batteries
• Do not charge the dry batteries. • Do not throw the batteries into fire. • Do not carry the batteries with coins or other metallic objects. It can generate heat if the positive and negative terminals of the battery are accidentally contacted by a metallic object. • Do not mix rechargeable batteries with dry batteries. • Do not mix new batteries with old ones. • Do not use different types of batteries together. • When the batteries are not to be used for a long time, remove them from the CD player. • If battery leakage occurs, wipe off any deposit in the battery compartment, and install new batteries. In case the deposit adheres to you, wash it off thoroughly.

Mass (excluding accessories)
Approx. 333 g (11.7 oz)

Operating temperature
5°C - 35°C (41°F - 95°F) Design and specifications are subject to change without notice.

2 Press r or t to select a track. 3 Press ca to enter the selected track in the program.
“00” appears and the playing order increases by one.

4 Repeat steps 2 and 3 to program more tracks. 5 Press and hold ca until the PGM play starts. To check the program
Press ca repeatedly before step 5. Each time you press ca, track numbers appear in order of the program.

Supplied accessories
Headphones (1) Hand strap (1) AC power adaptor* (1) * Not supplied with the U model. For the area code of the model you purchased, check the upper left side of the bar code on the package.

Notes on the rechargeable batteries
• To keep the original battery capacity for a long time, charge the batteries only when they are completely depleted. • If the battery is new or has not been used for a long time, it may not be charged completely until you charge and discharge it several times. • If the rechargeable batteries and the metallic objects get contacted, heat or fire may occur due to a short circuit. When to replace the rechargeable batteries If the battery life becomes shorter by about half, replace the batteries with new rechargeable batteries.

• During the PGM play, you cannot check the program. • When you have entered the 24th track in the program in step 3, the first entered track appears in the display. • If you enter more than 24 tracks, the programmed tracks are erased from the first track.

Since the CD player is airtight, you may not be able to open the lid when there is a sudden change in air pressure inside the CD player. This happens when the CD player is transported on a plane or moved from a warm place to a cold place. In this case, open the rubber cap on the DC IN 4.5 V jack.

Optional accessories
AC power adaptor AC-E45HG Your dealer may not handle the accessory above. Please ask the dealer for detailed information about the accessories in your country.

The E•A•S•S GP function
The E•A•S•S GP function has been developed to provide excellent protection against sound skipping during many active uses. Set E•A•S•S GP (under the lid) to ON to protect against sound skipping.

To clean the casing
Use a soft cloth slightly moistened in water or a mild detergent solution. Do not use alcohol, benzine or thinner.

On the CD player
• Keep the lens on the CD player clean and do not touch it. If you do so, the lens may be damaged and the CD player will not operate properly. • Do not put any heavy object on top of the CD player. The CD player and the CD may be damaged. • Do not leave the CD player in a location near heat sources, or in a place subject to direct sunlight, excessive dust or sand, moisture, rain, mechanical shock, unleveled surface, or in a car with its windows closed. • If the CD player causes interference to the radio or television reception, turn off the CD player or move it away from the radio or television. • Discs with non-standard shapes (e.g., heart, square, star) cannot be played on this CD player. Attempting to do so may damage the CD player. Do not use such discs.

For the customers in the USA

To clean the plugs
If the plugs become dirty, there is no sound or noise is heard. Clean them with a dry soft cloth periodically.

To turn off the E•A•S•S GP function
Set E•A•S•S GP to OFF.

Sound may skip: – if the CD player receives stronger continuous shock than expected, – if a dirty or scratched CD is played or – when using poor-quality CD-Rs/CD-RWs or if there is a problem with the recording device or application software.

To remove dust or sand from the rubber packing
Any sand or dust on the rubber packing will prevent the lid from shutting tightly, and water may leak in. Brush off the dust once in a while. We recommend the replacement of the rubber packing every year which is available optionally at an authorized Sony service facility.

Using the hand strap
During active uses, use the supplied hand strap.

Note on moisture condensation

1 Pass the strap through the hooks.

If the CD player is suddenly moved from a cold place to a warm place, it may result in moisture condensation on the pickup lens and malfunction or playback difficulties. Should this occur, leave the CD player for a few hours, then try playback again.

Should any problem persist after you have made these checks, consult your nearest Aiwa dealer.

“Hold” appears in the display when you press a button, and the CD does not play.
➔The buttons are locked. Set HOLD to OFF.

The CD player does not start charging.
➔During stop, press s/CHARGE.

The battery compartment lid is detached by an accidental drop, excessive force, etc. 2 Put your hand between the CD player and the strap,
then adjust the length of the strap and fix it using the Velcro tapes. ➔Attach it as illustrated below.

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